lettering of Wurfelengine some logos of used technologys


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SDK v1.8 pending
SDK v1.7.6 zip
SDK v1.5.6 (R2) zip
SDK v1.5.5 (R1) zip
SDK v1.3 (R1) zip
SDK v1.2 (R3) zip

Bachelor Thesis: Efficient Rendering of an Isometric Block World (German)

Android Test v1.3 Source zip

Game for Ludum Dare No. 28

Weapon of Choice (English, .jar, 14.9 MB)
Weapon of Choice Source Code (English, .zip, 25.5 MB)



Technology Demos Windows v1.1 (English, .exe, 10.8 MB)
Technology Demos Linux v1.1 (English, .zip, 10.8 MB)
Technology Demos Mac v1.1 (English, .app in .zip, 10.5 MB)

Technology Demos jar v1.1 (English, .jar, 10.8 MB)


Lernleistung (8.4 MB)
Technology Demos v1.0 (German, Windows, 37.1 MB)